Why Insanity is one of the best workout programs available

If you are a fitness fanatic or even an enthusiast for that matter, chances are you’ve heard about the Insanity workout. If by any chance you convinced yourself to try it than you already know a lot about what it has to offer in terms of benefits in weight loss, muscle definition and overall fitness.

I’ve done the Insanity workout and without any bias I consider it the best fitness program ever. Now after couple of months later, I’ve taken on this program once again, and here is why I advocate it everywhere I go.

  1. The most intensity in the shortest time frame.

You may argue over the length of the exercises, being somewhere around 40 minutes, but the intensity is not to be discussed. And when you put those things in one basket, measuring them against any other combination of the two becomes ridiculous. This program is so challenging that I dare people to try it and see for themselves.

  1. Workout in the comfort of your own home

It is a treat, tell you that. Not having to go out as to drive to the gym and then all exhausted drive back home is always a plus. The con here though is the fact that there is a lot of jumping involved, so you might have some problems with your neighbors living below you. If you are in an apartment building, that is.

  1. Great team

Albeit some fitness junkies will argue over the fact that you work alone, the team filming the Insanity workout program is so great, you will have the feeling you are with them pushing harder and digging deep as Shaun T loves to say.

  1. Results

I will now be quite obvious but, truth to say, the results are what people commonly care about. And yes, you will have them. Even in the first week. What to expect though? Mostly weight loss and lowered body fat percentage, but also a great deal of muscle definition and some muscle gain (usually on places you never knew there was a muscle before).

  1. Physical limits changed

The great deal about Insanity is that it’s not all about being an eye candy. Far from it, in fact. As much as you will have your looks improved, you will also have a myriad of other benefits. You wanted speed? There will be lots of it. Just try measuring your personal best time running a mile before and after completing the program. Agility, you asked? You will run circles around other people. Flexibility is also a huge gain. I never believed how flexible can a man become in period of two months. Endurance and stamina as well as mental discipline are also to be gained. I became a fitness coach recently, and I try to squeeze as much of the program as I can in my sessions. It’s interesting seeing people transform from couch potatoes to being more agile and athletic.

  1. The nature of the exercises

They are mostly compound, requiring your own body weight to serve as resistance. And being such, you gain all the benefits mentioned above as well as have a great control over your body, being able to feel every muscle flexing. There is also a great deal of cardio involved. It’s actually cardio all the way. High intensity, that is. There are also some strength exercises that focus mostly on muscle gain, and usually you do them each Thursday, and on the end of other day’s workouts. Another unexpected thing that Insanity has is a great deal of stretches and yoga poses.

  1. Diversity

As I mentioned above, the exercises are designed to fill every gap in fitness that you need to cover. The other great thing though is that they resemble other sports, and quite frankly this is a jewel all by itself in the sense of breaking the repetitive nature of working out. You will experience how it’s like to do exercises that rugby, basketball, gymnasts and track and field athletes do.

The diversity is going to make things easier in terms of sticking more with the exercise and having fun after all.

  1. Great community

People don’t usually mention this, but truth to say it’s one of the biggest perks. You see, stumbling across people on the net that also do this program, you will notice the presence of comradeship that becomes quite apparent. It’s like brothers in arms, in a way. I always enjoy talking to other people who do this program; Met a lot of great people this way too. Besides, the folks back in the fitness group which I coach, we all feel like a platoon.

  1. Product support

The guys that work behind the curtains are doing their job great as well. Every question you have, or everything that comes to mind in regard to this workout is going to be answered promptly. Just send them a question on the Facebook page, or shoot them an e-mail. They will come back to you quickly.

  1. Because you know you are in the “A” league

It’s a great feeling knowing that there are few people who can do this program till the end. Most quit after just the first week. Finishing the program, seeing the results, experiencing the tremendous challenge, you know you are amongst the elite in fitness. Elite, I say.

The thing I forgot to mention is that this exercise becomes an addiction in no time. Addiction to the results it produces, addiction in the sense of all things mentioned above. Why do you think I’m doing it for a second time? And the thing is I’m secretly scheduling another date for a third time after I complete it again. If you are seriously thinking about this workout program, you must know all the things that are required in terms of dedication and will power. You must also know the pros and cons as well as some additional tips as to complete it smoothly. I advise you to consider reading this Insanity workout UK review, that I think has the most of info about this program comprised into somewhat more than 5000 words. If you do try it, good luck and see you in the comment section.