The Insanity workout and Beginner Training Tips


Obesity and overweight are definitely one of the biggest problems in the 21st century. People who have to deal with situations like this are not fighting only against bad appearance, but they also fight against diseases that usually follow these conditions. This is a worldwide problem, but it’s especially present in the Western countries. For example, about 65% of adults in the United Kingdom – UK are overweight or obese. In case you have finally decided to solve this problem, besides the necessary changes in the diet you will also have to start with a physical training. This is why the interest about these two topics in the United Kingdom (UK) is growing too. But, before you start with your workout routine (the Insanity Workout by Beachbody, check out some UK reviews about the Insanity workout) it is good to point out some basic beginner training tips.

  1. Warm up

Warming up is the most important part of every exercise session because it allows muscle to give their best and it also prevents injuries and muscle inflammation. You should first start with your neck. Rotate your head eight times in one direction and eight times in the opposite direction. After that, rotate your left arm eight times forward and eight times backward. Perform the same exercise with the other hand. Finally, you should activate your legs too by moving them in all directions.

  1. Know your limits

When you are practicing the Insanity workout you should focus on providing maximal effort in exercises. This doesn’t mean that you should be sweating from every pore of your body, but to get the maximum from what your muscles provide. There are many times when people stop because they believe that they can’t make it any more, but the truth is that they can do few more repetitions. The point is to train hard and a long as your muscles can work. In other words, listen to your muscles not to your brain.

  1. Change the number of repetitions

There are many people who are focused on some number when training Insanity. For example, some of them stick to the number 10 or number 15. But, remember that these are only numbers. There is nothing wrong in doing 16 repetitions or 14 repetitions. This is not some kind of science where you need to stick to numbers. The muscles are adjusting not to the numbers, but to the stress they experience. Training with smaller weight or resistance for a long period of time will lead to better endurance in general. On the other hand, training with bigger weight and fewer repetitions leads to improved strength. Finally, training with weights that allow repetitions of 8 to 12 times leads to muscle growth in the fastest possible way.

  1. Having a solid training plan

There is no such thing as instinct when it comes to exercising the Insanity workout by Beachbody. Don’t choose weight, just because you feel that this is something good for you. This is the fastest way to injuries. This is something that every professional can confirm. We all know what we will do today or tomorrow, but do you know where will you be and what will you do in one year? The best idea is to develop at least a 6-month plan.