Exercises for weight loss

Obesity and overweight are slowly becoming number one problem all over the world. More than 35% of people living in Western countries like the United Kingdom (UK) have extra weight. One of the main reasons why this trend is growing is the fact that people don’t understand how bad this is and how to eliminate this problem.


Many people have prejudices and believe that weight loss involves only losing extra pounds. But, if you take a closer look, you will realize that it doesn’t really matter how many pounds you have lost, but what is lost. In other words, when we drop weight rapidly, we actually remove extra water retained in our system. In some more extreme cases, people lose some of their muscle mass too and that’s one common effect from improper diets and physical inactivity.

When someone loses weight thoroughly and steadily, with regular exercise with the Insanity Workout, the results may appear slower, but they are definitely long lasting. Experienced bodybuilders usually say that muscles are not built in the gym, but in the kitchen. This same logic can be used when it comes to weight loss efforts because the entire process of losing weight begins with balanced and healthy diet. Only after that you can start with exercising with Insanity workout. In order to get the best results in burning fat, experts recommend a combination of aerobic exercises and resistance exercises or strength exercises. Aerobic exercises or cardio exercises like in the Insanity workout will increase your heart rate to the optimal level and make your body work in the best way for burning fat. Strength exercises are helpful for building muscles because the bigger muscle mass you have the faster metabolism you can expect. The weight loss process will be faster too.

However, if you are a person suffering from obesity, you should start with aerobic exercises first because you will need some time to activate your metabolism. Cardio exercises are exercises with low intensity, but that’s why they last for a longer period of time – sometimes they last for one hour or more without breaks.

The best exercises are the simplest aerobic activities like swimming, running or cycling. If you can’t perform these exercises you can modify them and try Insanity workout by beachbody ( check some Insanity UK reviews) or some of the following exercises:

Step aerobics

This exercise involves using a stepper where people perform a combination of various movements. This is an excellent workout for losing weight, but it can also improve the look of your legs, buttocks and thighs. These are the areas that women find most critical.

Brisk walk

This is something that everyone can practice on a daily basis. You can do this when you are going to work or to your local store for example. You only need comfortable shoes and you are good to go. Start with an average pace, gradually speed up and after that slow down and take a normal walk. After some period of time repeat the drill.


This is another exercise that doesn’t require much time or skills and it is more interesting than running. You can practice ice skating during the winter period.

It is good to mention that all these exercises are getting very popular in the United Kingdom (UK) and other countries where obesity and overweight is a huge problem and this means that some people are finally doing something to solve this problem.