4 Most Common Training Mistakes

Modern people are getting more and more aware of the importance of fitness and healthy diet. This is the reason why the number of fitness centers around the globe is growing too. For example, there were 5000 centers like this in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2005 and there 6000 fitness centers today.


Visiting a fitness center can be very beneficial, but only if you perform the exercises in the right way. There are certain mistakes that are frequently happening in the gyms and this is a list of some of these mistakes.

Static loaded stretching before the training starts

This is something that you should never do. Several scientific studies have confirmed that this type of stretching before training seriously weakens muscles and make them prone to injuries. It also speeds up the time before we feel tired. Stretching should be replaced with warming up of muscle groups that we use in the process of training that follows. If you need to increase flexibility for certain types of exercises, like the Insanity workout by Beachbody, perform static stretching about 5 hours after training.

Improper warm up

It is really difficult to say why people skip the warm up period before intense workouts like the Insanity workout. Some of them aren’t aware of the importance of this short procedure; others are too lazy while some people are in a hurry. Whatever the reason for this is, you should know that warming up is crucial for avoiding injuries during training. There are thousands of injury claims that happened in the fitness center in the United Kingdom – UK every year. In addition, proper warm up activity will improve blood flow, increase heart rate, range of movements, balance hormones, prepare the nervous system etc. All these things mean that you will get training with better quality too.

Focusing on machine weight

You should know that free weights and training with your own weight are the most efficient type of training no matter what goals we have set. However, there are too many people who focus on machine weight, because fitness centers tend to buy dozens of these machines and people want to try all of them. The biggest downside is that these machines are usually focused on one muscle group. Of course, machines can be useful too especially in cases when someone is trying to improve the state of their muscle after an injury for example. People who want to eliminate the consequences of this mistake should change the way they exercise and dedicate most of their training to free weight and/or bodyweight training.

Same type of training

The truth is that there are many exercisers who repeat the same training every day. This means, that they cannot expect progress because the body doesn’t have any challenges. There are some people who stick to the same training routine that they have used when they joined the center. The solution is simple – get information on training variations. In some cases even a small change in the pace, combination of exercises like the Insanity workout or number of repetitions can lead to progress.